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We teach people just like you, how to start earning your first $500-1000 per week online, and then show you how to grow your own Digital Marketing Business to replace or double your full-time income!

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James Wellington

When James came across the Digital Marketing School. He was struggling to make a breakthrough with making extra income online. After implementing our proven system, he broke through to 30k a month inside 90-days and then went on to sell millions and millions of dollars in Digital Marketing programs.

James is now the Head Mentor in The Digital Marketing School


Former salesperson, quit his sales role and learnt Digital Marketing because he realised he wanted Freedom and choices to have more time with his kids and family, focused on networking and chatting with people he knew and launched his business at $3,000/m recurring within 5 days of joining the program.


Donna has been a business owner for a few years now and has a passion for helping other business owners like her. She spent 6 years and over a hundred thousand dollars trying to make things work in marketing but nothing was successful until she enrolled in the Digital Marketing School.  She now has the…


Matty has been working as a zoo professional for 15 years and was on the job for 60 to 70 hours a week, even on holidays. After implementing the course for just 2 months, he has already replaced his monthly income and now has the freedom to manage his own time, working with clients, all…


Christina met the Digital Marketing School and got off to a flying start. Her job was at risk because of the global pandemic, and she had a business idea. She launched it with us and within the first 5-days had received 18k. She then went onto helping others with marketing earning a great income and…

Aaron & Jason

These guys came across The Digital Marketing School as struggling agency owners struggling to get stability in their business. It was very feast and famine. After implementing our proven strategies in their business, they are now making 18k a month in recurring income.


The Digital Marketing School helped Alex break-free from his hyper stressful hospitality job when he had twins on the way. He now works remotely from home, earning 10-15k a month, working less than he ever had before, so he can be the father and partner he wanted to be.


Georgia befriended the Digital Marketing School as the global pandemic hit, when her high paid corporate job was at risk. She is now making 25k a month, and gets to spend more time with her kids working from home.


Digital Marketing School helped Kieran make the shift from being a traditional business owner to an online business owner, with less overheads and stress. He is making between 10-20k a month online, working from home, rather than the dreaded building sites.


Melanie crossed paths with the Digital Marketing School, when she “couldn’t afford” our certification. She found a way, and went from a struggling single mum to an abundant mother living her dream life. She now earns between 30-45k a month as a Marketer.