Launch DMS

The Digital Marketing School Business Launch

The outcome of this program is to give you a launch-pad for taking your business idea out to the market and proving the concept that you have.

Think of this like a pre-programmed GPS to build foundations for a 7 or 8-figure business.

How can we say this with confidence?

Well, it’s the exact process me and my business partner Chris Duncan use to launch any new idea we have

Here’s How This Course Works:

  1. We empower you with essential tools that will give you the skill of Researching & Developing ideas.
  2. We teach you The Emotional Clarity Method and guide you through the process of unpacking your big idea and turning it into a no-brainer offer, with a magnetic marketing and sale message.
  3. Once you do this, you have intellectual property that could be worth a lot of money to you over the years.
  4. We teach you the Marketing Machine and show you how it works to create loads of profit online.
  5. We show you all of the Marketing Foundations that you have got to have in place to take your brand out to the world, and we show you how to quickly prove your concept.
  6. We empower you with a strategy that has you seen as the Authority in your market (& it’s almost FREE to execute on).
  7. We teach you the strategy to magnify your results through paid advertising and show you our 3-phase process for creating profitable campaigns.

Here Are The Sections.

1. The Tools & Choosing Your Perfect Target Market.

  1. Pre-Work.
  2. Copywriting Tools.
  3. Research Tools.
  4. Foundations Doc: Choosing Your Perfect Target Market

2. The Emotional Clarity Method: Gaining Crystal Clear Clarity On Your Offer, Message and Brand.

  1. The Breakthrough Idea.
  2. The No Brainer Offer.
  3. The Steps.
  4. The Story.
  5. The Emotional Clarity Script.
  6. The System.

3. The Marketing Machine: The 4 P’s to Profitable Campaigns.

  1. 1 Product.
  2. 1 Pipeline.
  3. 1 Presentation.
  4. 1 Promotion.

4. The Marketing Foundations: Setting Up For Success.

  1. Direct Response Marketing & Branding Training.
  2. Your Platforms.
  3. Your Branding.

5. Becoming The Authority: The Free Traffic Strategy.

  1. Branding Assets.
  2. The Appointment Tap Pipeline.
  3. The Interview Show Strategy.

6. Magnifying Through Paid Advertising.

  1. The 3 Phase System.
  2. How To Launch An Ad.
  3. What To Do After You Launch An Ad.

The way this has been designed, is for you to go through this in order, and complete one section at a time. This should keep you busy and focused for around 90-days.

Are you ready to launch your business idea? Yes?

All I am going to ask you is that you commit to this path, and trust in it. Too many people fall off path after the initial excitement of a new idea wares off.

Don’t bet that guy or gal!

Be in the end result of your idea releasing itself. You are the creator that must bring this into existence.

If you follow through, it shall be actualised.

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Looking forward to seeing your success,

Scott Weddell