The Digital Marketing School Business Accelerator

The Theme of this program is to FASTTRACK Your Business & Results.

It’s time to grow the business that you’ve always wanted in a…

  • High Octane.
  • Results-Driven.
  • Outcome-Focused.

…environment that will push you to your next level.

If you have already started in business and think $20k to $50k a month is a lot, you need to be in this accelerator, because it’s not, and you need to be around people thinking bigger than you.

Are you ready to make the…

…shift from self employed, burnt out, glorified job, getting slow results, to time free Entrepreneur, that creates big results, fast!

Get more of what you want, less of what you don’t want.
More growth, more money, more impact, fast.
In less time with less stress.

Accelerator DMS

Hit your 3-year business goals in just 12-months

The problem is you want to do what you love but you are the one doing everything in your business, without the big rewards you desire. You are owned by the business, rather than owning the business.

You need to own a system that delivers value, in a high profit, low time way – FAST!

To do that you need to jump onto the Entrepreneurs FASTTRACK, you need an education, a high-octane environment and accountability to get there.

Each level and shift requires a different measurement, different people, a different focus, and a different strategy.

You must learn how to shift your business through each stage as fast as possible, you cannot skip a level, you can go backwards, you can stay stuck at one level for a long time.

You must either do it, delegate it or own it.

You start out with Time, Energy, Effort, Cash and Knowledge – you must exchange that to build a system that will generate profit and value without you.

You need to SPRINT for 4-weeks, then reset into the next sprint for 12-months to change your entire life…

…and it only takes 6-months of real focus, intensity and follow-through to change your whole life.

Are you ready for a life transforming experience?

Here are the different levels and shifts we go through as an Entrepreneur:

This is the foundation for your whole entire life because you have to break-free from your limitations, and self-sabotaging patterns to create and sustain success.

You will be doing this, even if you feel like you’re not, trust me.

You must learn how to Create Results & Keep Results in your life – this acts like a foundation to the whole entire journey.

Here it’s all about:

  • Self-Awareness.
  • End Results and Structure
  • Education Focused
  • Shift From Unhappy to Happy
  • Still in a job & you need to Invest in business

…in this program we will be taking it a level deeper, and helping you set up Dashboards that keep you in the Creative Structure.

We will also be empowering you with questions to ask yourself daily, that allow you to identify hidden unconscious agendas, and flip them, so your energy can flow along the path of least resistance towards your true end results.

This is where you are Searching, Seeking & Exploring for the Idea, the eureka moment and the clarity of how you will create value in the world.

  • Value and Money Model.
  • Opportunity Focused.
  • Shift From Searching to Clarity & Trading Time to Trading Value
  • Start your business – $0 business income.

This is where the “Rubber Meets The Road”, you are clear, you have an idea, your value model and it’s time to get to work.

You must get into STARTER (or Hunter) energy.

  • Outreach and Enrolment.
  • Customer Focused.
  • Shift From No Clients to Clients.
  • $120,000 business income.

This is where you shift from Starting (or hustling) to Scaling your Marketing & Sales Systems, to work without you.

You must let go of Starter Energy, and shift into Promoter Energy:

  • Attention and Messaging focused.
  • Market Focused – Creating Predictable Sales Systems.
  • Shift From Best Kept Secret to Market Leader.
  • $500,000 business income

This is where you shift into Systems Focus – it’s all about building the entire machine called your business:

  • Duplication and Automation
  • Systems Focused
  • Shift from doing it all to effective
  • $1M business income

This is where you shift from Systems Focused to People Focused. You become the leader of your team:

  • Lead and Manage.
  • Team Focused.
  • Shift from details to inspiration.
  • $3M business income.

This is where you shift from One Working Business to Many Working Businesses. If you are already financially successful, and have money to invest, this is where you can Be The Entrepreneur, and hire all the different Identities to help you build your vision:

  • Finding Opportunities, and Investing Your Money In Them.
  • Growth Focused – people, and businesses.
  • Shift from one to many.
  • $10M+ business income.

Want to journey down the Fasttrack with us?

The Program:

  • A high-octane business mastermind that helps entrepreneurs leave their excuses at the door and achieve their business goals in half the time.

The Features:

  • The 12-Month FASTTRACK Strategy Call.
  • 4-Week Sprints.
  • Online University with Training, Game-Plans and SOP’s.
  • Support:
    • Weekly Mentoring Calls.
    • Dashboards.
    • Slack Support.

Who Is This For?

  • This is an invitation only program for people who are doing 6-figures and want to make the jump to 7-figures. You must join our lower entry programs first to qualify for this invitation.

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