We Create Big Results Fast

Businesses don’t grow by themselves, or by accident. Rather, they grow by design, and natural rhythms – our Fasttrack Method focuses on navigating the natural phases a business goes through, with intention, awareness and action. This is how we grow fast!

The Education System is Broken

The current education system is broken, and is not serving the people the way it should. We are on a completely different path from most people in life and we intend to inspire more and more people to live the life they love, producing value in the world.

The Old Way

Do everything right. Follow the crowd. Get good grades. Get a high-paid corporate job, or a trade.

Then work the rest of your life for someone else and play by their rules.

The New Way

Do it your way. Do the opposite of what the majority do. Self-educate yourself. Find what you love. Create value in the world. Pay yourself as much as you want and provide epic work and jobs for others.

The Fasttrack Methodology

We believe that every human being has the capacity to create tens of millions of dollars in value every single year.

To achieve this, you must build the capacity. To build the capacity, we believe that there is one main skill you must master.

Navigating The Entrepreneurial Fasttrack.

…if you build the capacity to navigate these waters, as easily as inputting your destination into a GPS.

You have the one skill any entrepreneur needs!

Here’s the different levels and identities inside our Fastrack Methodology:

  • The Creator – this is the foundation for everything, and without being this, oscillation will be your behaviour inside your business.
  • The Architect – this is where we create clarity on how we will create value in the world, how much we will be paid for it & create the mechanisms for people to buy our offers.
  • The Starter – this is where the “Rubber Meets The Road”. We shift into hunter energy. We hustle hard to get our ideas out there to create proof of concept.
  • The Promoter – this is all about creating predictable selling systems and marketing systems to get our message and offer out to market at scale.
  • The Builder – this is where we create automation and duplication in the business, so it can work without you, like clockwork.
  • The Guide – this is where you focus on leading your team through inspiration, rather than details, you are the conductor of the business and only do the things that you love.
  • The Entrepreneur – this is all about shifting from one business to many businesses that you are invested in and helping guide.

Usually, when someone is starting a business, they have to learn the 3 main skills as they navigate these waters.

They 3 main skills are:

  1. Marketing.
  2. Sales.
  3. Product Development.

This is why we started our education company called Digital Marketing School, to empower people with the #1 skill on the planet.

The goal for you is to be able to start your business, to bring in enough cash so you can hire for all the skills, identities and personalities you need in your business to scale.

When you navigate these waters once and figure this out, you are setting yourself up for a successful future.

There is a natural rhythm and you must understand it! This is how we grow 7 and 8 figure brands.

Our Mission is to create rich and happy humans all across the globe through our courses.